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Have menopausal symptoms of low energy, brain fog, sugar cravings, poor sleep, hot flashes, weight gain, anxiety or mood swings taken over your life?

Are you struggling with weight gain around your middle that is resistant to loss despite anything you do?

Have you recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure, prediabetes/diabetes, high cholesterol or high triglycerides, or have a history of PCOS?

Have you been told that your menopause symptoms are a “normal” part of a woman’s life?

Do you feel stuck and think there is nothing you can do?

Healing Your Hormones Naturally

I used to believe you had to lose weight to be healthy.  It’s actually the exact opposite!  You have to be healthy in order to lose weight.  You are not crazy and it’s not your fault that your body is not letting go of body fat especially after hormones start changing typically in your 40’s +.  I’ll help you understand why your body is getting the message to store excess body fat so you can correct the underlying imbalances so that your body will naturally let go of the weight, improve your metabolic health, and decrease your menopause symptoms.


This course is a personal journey into understanding your body during the transition through menopause. I've been through it, and I know how confusing it can be when your body starts changing despite maintaining your usual habits. Conventional wisdom often falls short, leaving you disappointed and frustrated.

But I refused to accept the status quo. I conducted research, tested theories, and developed a personalized approach to regain my health. In this course, I'll share this journey with you and help you discover what works best for your unique system.

If you're tired of struggling and feeling like you've tried everything, join me as we explore topics like gut health, hormones, movement, sleep, stress, and emotions. I'm here to provide education, inspiration, and a touch of fun, putting you back in control of your health.

Our weekly online group sessions will include presentations, readings, recipes, movement ideas, journal prompts, and words of encouragement. If you need extra support, you can also opt for one-on-one coaching sessions with me where we will personalize a program with labs and accountability specific to you. Let's embark on this journey together!

What is the Thriving Through Menopause Program?

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I will be your personal wellness guide as you learn new habits and take control of your health!


Thriving Through Menopause

Registration for the basic course includes:

  • 12 weekly, 1-hour presentations (Recorded)

  • Weekly Live Online Q&A Sessions

  • Reference documents, which include session takeaways, ideas for identifying and creating healthy habits, and options to explore topics further through use of journal prompts

  • Weekly recipe and motivational movement ideas

  • Weekly words of inspiration

  • Access to private FB group

Are you ready to feel good again? 
Let's do this!
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