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Busting Common Menopause Myths

There is so much confusion and misinformation out there regarding menopause. Let's address some prominent myths I frequently encounter.


Myth #1: Menopause begins at age 50. In reality, 51 is the average age of final menstruation, but the wide range is between late 30s to early 60s. We must also consider perimenopause, the hormonal transition phase leading up to menopause which can begin in the mid-30s and last 10-15 years. Symptoms during this time can be all over the place.


Myth #2: Weight gain is inevitable. While weight redistribution to the midsection is common, gain itself is not. Our changing hormonal needs during perimenopause require understanding to properly support our bodies without working against them. Lifestyle modifications have great potential to offset unwanted pounds.


Myth #3: Symptoms are normal and expected aging. I disagree completely. Symptoms indicate something is off and the body needs help. Menopause itself is a natural process whereas severe symptoms are not the norm in many cultures where diet and lifestyle support a smooth transition.


Myth #4: There is no treatment for menopause. Again, I have an issue with labeling this natural stage an "illness" requiring treatment. However, addressing symptoms through diet, lifestyle adjustments, movement, stress relief and more can dramatically improve the quality of life for women during this time.


Myth #5: It's all downhill after menopause. On the contrary, this could be an empowering new season! No more contraception concerns, an end to heavy periods/PMS, more time for self-care and passions. Living well through optimal nutrition, support and lifestyle positively impacts health and well-being.

If experiencing troublesome symptoms, see them as calls for tailored support versus inevitables. I've seen so many women thrive in menopause with individualized functional medicine strategies. Connect on my Facebook group for more insights into balancing hormones naturally without drugs or surgery.


My programs provide comprehensive testing and personalized wellness roadmaps. Discover how to approach this transitional stage from a position of knowledge and empowerment versus confusion. Menopause truly doesn't have to mean decline - it can open doors to a dynamic, fulfilling next chapter.

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