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Take Back Your Health During Menopause and Beyond

As a functional medicine practitioner focusing on women's hormone health, metabolism and gut issues, I work with many patients struggling as menopause approaches or lingers on. Do any of these struggles resonate - achy joints, sleep problems, fatigue, brain fog, low libido, mood changes or unexplained anxiety? How about clothes feeling tighter around your midsection despite diet and exercise?


I've been in that frustrating place myself. For years, my health declined as subtle changes accumulated. Nothing seemed to reverse the five to seven pounds gained annually or alleviate worsening headaches, insomnia and other concerns.


Conventional wisdom told me to simply eat less and move more, but that wasn't working - for me or my clients. I started to feel disappointed, defeated and angry that standard advice failed while my body deteriorated. A diagnosis of high blood pressure and prediabetes was the last straw after unsuccessful weight-loss attempts.


I had a choice - believe menopause meant an inevitable decline or reject that notion, believing optimal health was still possible later in life through vibrancy and quality. I chose the latter. Rather than focus on weight, I prioritized healing by learning functional medicine and viewing my body as an integrated system.


When I started working WITH my body instead of against it, listening to its messages, things changed. Menopause symptoms resolve along with prediabetes and high blood pressure without conscious weight loss. I discovered my true health potential.


Now I share those transformative strategies through my women's health practice, Facebook group and online course. I've empowered countless others to understand their changing needs and partner with their natural systems for restoration.

My approach individualizes wellness plans versus a one-size-fits-all method. Together, we can get to the root causes behind stubborn ailments holding you back through hormone assessments, digestive evaluations, toxic burden screenings and customized lifestyle modifications.


Real transformation is achievable. Rather than accept decline, join me in rejecting that idea through vibrancy, quality and optimal health, no matter where you are in your journey.


If manageable symptoms or diagnoses have you feeling discouraged or defeated, let's change your story. Schedule a free discovery call to begin reclaiming your potential. You deserve to feel like your best self on the inside and out each day.

Book a call HERE.

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