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My life has been a journey of detours and challenges which I have come to understand has all been designed for me to come to where I am meant to be. I just needed to stay open and curious and resilient to be able to see the gifts.

Ever since I was 5 years old, I knew I wanted to be a doctor. I was fascinated by the inner workings of the human body and I wanted to help people. I followed my dream with fierce determination and worked toward my goal of going to medical school and becoming an Emergency Physician because I felt I could make a difference with my patients that presented with acute conditions. We were really good at relieving acute pain, repairing a laceration, controlling bleeding, or stabilizing a trauma patient, cardiac patient or other condition that required our immediate care. Over time, however, I became frustrated and saddened that many patients with chronic diseases that were being “managed” returned with recurring symptoms or progression or even a new diagnosis that was impairing their health and vitality for life. We were “managing” diseases not “healing and creating health” in our patients. I became disillusioned with the so called “Health Care” system that I was part of, big Pharma “pill for every ill” that I did not believe in and I eventually left and gave up my state medical license because I knew I did not ever want to practice conventional medicine again.

I went on my own healing journey with my health and dove into modalities that focused on bringing the mind and body back into balance so that my body could heal itself. I learned so many things that affect our health that I never learned in medical school such as nutrition, sleep quality, stress levels, toxin exposure, nutritional deficiencies, and how foundational gut health is for bringing the body back into balance. Through functional medicine I was able to REMOVE the things that were taking health away, REPLACE the things that my body was lacking, REPAIR the inner workings of the interconnected biological systems that were not working effectively, and REBALANCE the early changes in biochemical pathways before the onset of disease.

So what do I believe now?

  • I believe that clients are not a diagnosis.

  • I believe the body has the ability to heal itself when given a chance

  • I believe symptoms are messages from the body trying to tell us to pay attention and to eat, drink, think, breathe, believe, and perceive in a different way to ADD health instead of TAKE health away.

  • I believe that in order to heal we have to understand and heal the root cause, not put a bandaid on a symptom.

  • I believe that we are each responsible for our own health (not our doctor, not our health coach, not a social media influencer, not the medical system) and are empowered to make our own choices around our health.

  • I believe conventional medicine has its place and is necessary for acute care or when a patient is so far down the disease continuum that they need temporary stabilization to stave off death or debilitating symptoms.

  • I no longer believe in nor do I have an interest in placing a diagnosis on a patient or using pharmacological drugs to “treat” a patient.

  • I believe an ounce of prevention is far more valuable than a pound of cure.

Where my focus and my passion is now is educating and empowering my clients to understand how brilliant their body is and understand their body’s changing needs so they can create optimal health and become their own health advocate so they can live a long and vibrant life filled with joy and purpose. Real transformation is achievable.

I am thrilled and honored to share transformative strategies through my women’s health programs, Facebook group, online course, and empowering retreats at my farm for women to experience health and wholeness in a unique way. My approach individualizes wellness plans versus a one-size-fits-all method. Together, we can get to the root causes behind stubborn ailments holding you back through hormone assessments, digestive evaluations, toxic burden screenings and customized lifestyle modifications.

If you are feeling discouraged or defeated, let’s change your story. Schedule a free discovery call to begin reclaiming your potential. You deserve to feel like your best self on the inside and out each day.

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