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What’s Hiding In Your Coffee?

Coffee is that warm and inviting wake-up call so many rely on and enjoy in the morning. It’s the smooth and satisfying sip that seems to jumpstart the senses and ease us into the day. But, what’s hiding in your coffee, and how can you enjoy your favorite roast and its health benefits without the hidden side effects?

An international favorite, coffee has been a staple in countries around the world for centuries. Like so many other things, for decades now, health experts have examined whether or not this staple is a good choice for health. Study after study has been done with varying findings showing it’s a must-have or something to avoid. How does the caffeine affect the average person’s biological systems? What impact do the antioxidants have on long-term health? While the general consensus is that coffee is a good choice for health, recent studies are exploring what else may be hiding in your coffee grounds and how it may be impacting your health.

According to some of the most recent coffee research, that favorite cup of morning coffee may be coming with a heavy dose of mycotoxins from mold. That’s right. Many of the coffee beans out there are stored in such a way that mold and fungus flourish. Like the mold and mycotoxins found in homes that can cause or contribute to health issues, mycotoxins in coffee may be counteracting some of the benefits of your coffee.

Studies have shown that a high percentage of coffee beans test positive for mycotoxins. The main mycotoxins found in coffee, including ochratoxin A, are also carcinogenic

Mycotoxins in general, are known to impact hormones and the immune system negatively. They have also been linked to frustrating symptoms such as brain fog and lethargy that often go undiagnosed and brushed off as “just part of life.”

Does all of this mean you have to give up your favorite cup of coffee? Absolutely not!

Overall, coffee is loaded with healthful compounds that have been linked with a wide variety of health benefits, from improved cognitive function to better glucose control. 

As with many foods and products, it comes down to the quality. High-quality food and the highest quality processing add up to an excellent choice for you and your health.

If you’re looking for a high-quality coffee selected and processed to maximize the benefits while minimizing the risks, try Purity Coffee.

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