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Why I Left Conventional Medicine and Now Practice Functional Medicine

I want to share why I left practicing conventional emergency medicine to focus on functional medicine. Let me ask you - does conventional medicine make you healthy?


During my medical training, I learned how to detect, diagnose and treat disease states. We manage sickness, not health. Conventional medicine excels at acute care like life-threatening emergencies. But it falls short when it comes to chronic disease prevention and health optimization.


Consider these alarming statistics:

- 50% of Americans have at least one chronic illness

- 25% have two or more

- 86% of our $3.2 trillion healthcare budget goes to chronic disease management


As the sickest nation spending the most per capita, you'd think Americans would be the healthiest. But we rank #37 according to the WHO. Clearly, something isn't working when it comes to long-term wellness.

Functional medicine is the solution. Rather than just managing sickness, we uncover and address the underlying root causes through lifestyle, diet, stress management, sleep, movement and specialized testing.


As an emergency doctor, I witnessed disease care at its best - but also its limitations. Countless patients struggled with preventable chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease. I wanted to help people achieve true health, not just treat ongoing problems.


In functional medicine, I partner with patients to create individualized plans addressing whole-body well-being and root causes. We optimize nutrition, reduce toxic exposures, support detoxification and work to restore balance to body systems.


If you suffer from chronic health issues and want more than Band-Aid fixes, consider making the switch to functional medicine. Schedule a complimentary discovery call with me so we can tailor a plan unique to you and get you feeling your absolute best. Your health is too important to leave to chance. I'm here to help you optimize it for good.

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