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I'm thrilled and deeply grateful to embark on the health conversation with you. The world of health, wellness, food, and lifestyle can be overwhelming, but they don't have to be. I'm here to guide you with warmth and expertise.

When you address the root causes of illness, instead of just symptoms, you can empower your own body to heal itself - which means reversing chronic diseases and reducing reliance on prescription drugs.

When working with me, we will take a deep dive into what you eat, how you sleep, your levels of stress, relationships, and personal body chemistry, and together, we'll co-design the best approach to guide you toward optimal health.

With over 30 years in the health industry and countless clients, I will guide you with a personalized plan to uncover what's not working and help you embrace what does. Together, we'll make this journey fun and enjoyable!

Thank you for finding me and trusting me to guide you towards a life you genuinely love—one filled with vibrant, optimal health.

Welcome to Indigo & Sage Functional Wellness!

Watch the video to learn about my Approach & Programs

Health is more than merely the absence of disease. It is a wholeness that involves continued vitality.

How to Work With Me

Learn about my approach, the programs I offer, and how I can help you achieve your health goals.

Watch the Video Above

The next step in becoming a client is to schedule a Discovery Call.  You will meet Stacey via Zoom to review your unique health history, challenges and goals. Here, Stacey and you will decide if you are a good fit and which program is best for you.

Book A Discovery Call

When you book your call, you will be sent a questionnaire to share your current health concerns and goals with me.  Please complete this prior to our call.

Complete a Quick Questionnaire

Your care plan is crafted based on your health history and advanced functional medicine lab testing. It includes personalized nutrition recommedations with recipes, lifestyle changes, movement goals and stress management practices. I will guide you from the beginning, supporting you every step of the way.

Personalized Roadmap

Live the life you deserve, with vitality, joy, and confidence.

Life Feels Better!

The Processed Explained

How The Process Works

This approach is specifically designed for individuals who prioritize their health above all else and are committed to taking the necessary steps to make it a reality.  By integrating all aspects of a person's well-being, I aim to achieve results efficiently and effectively.  My ultimate goal is to empower individuals to reach their highest level of wellness, supporting them every step of the way on their journey to optimal health.

  • You crave expert guidance and support to enhance the changes that you’ve already made.

  • Your health is your top priority.

  • You’re willing to makeover many areas of your life – not just what you eat.

  • You’re committed to putting in the work to achieve your health goals.

  • You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired and you’re ready to transform your life.

  • You're seeking a quick fix instead of a comprehensive approach.

  • You believe supplements or pills alone can transform your health.

  • Excuses frequently hinder your commitment to supporting your health.

  • You're unwilling or unable to invest time and money into improving your well-being.

  • Other aspects of life consistently take priority over your health choices.

Will this approach work for you?
This is a good fit for you if:
This may not be a good fit for you if:
Are You Ready to Live Your Best Life?
Curious About Our Programs?

I offer a variety of programs to meet people where they are depending on their needs. All of my care is 100% virtual. I have a 4 month foundational program, lab review bundles, and self-guided online courses.

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